Give Your Customers Options: Check Out Our Pre-Owned Phones Today!

Pre-Owned Samsung Devices
Pre-Owned Samsung Devices

As new technologies innovate, brands like Apple and Samsung release new device models every few months. Quite frankly, it’s expensive to keep up with the Jones’ in the tech world. For many consumers, the price for a refurbished or pre-owned phone is a good investment until they find something they’d like to keep for a while. Here at ReVamp Wholesale, we care about the needs of your customers as much as you do. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you and your customers quality pre-owned phones.


Pre-Owned Apple Devices
Pre-Owned Apple Devices

Selling pre-owned phones can benefit both you and your customer. These devices can be sold for at least 30% less than a new device’s MSRP and will help your repair business by providing more options for your customers.  This means more revenue for your shop and less damage to your customer’s pockets.

Pre-Owned Apple Devices
Pre-Owned Apple Devices

Looking to boost customer retention? The purchase of a pre-owned device is a great opportunity for you to up-sell with an accessory like a phone case or a screen protector. Not only will this add revenue to the sale, but it will show your customer you care about the longevity of their device.

Our pre-owned devices go through a 16-point inspection to assure full functionality. We offer a wide selection of phone models that come with a 30-day warranty. With various different shipping options and deals available, you can get your order with time to spare so you can meet the needs of your customers.

We’re always working to improve our services to you. If you like our pre-owned devices, or want to give us additional feedback, please give us a call at (312) 450-7265 or email us at



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