The finalists for Crain’s #Fast50 feature in 2017 are out. Revamp Wholesale made it to #3!

ReVamp Electronics is honored to receive #3 on Chicago Business Crain’s Fast50.  ReVamp attended the breakfast award ceremony on June 22 in downtown Chicago for the announcement.

“It is so humbling to see our growth over the last 5 years.  We have grown over 12,000% as a company in terms of our revenue and in terms of our spirit, drive and determination we have grown even more” – Anant Handa CEO of ReVamp says.  “With growth comes the growing pains associated with it.  We are looking to the future and aiming to control our growth in this exponential market.  We need to stay light on our feet so we can tackle what is to come next in our ever changing industry.”

The Fast 50 can be viewed here:


Ashley Handa (DOS), Anant Handa (CEO), David Sharma (CVO), Habib Baba (COO)


Image uploaded from iOS

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